ERS | monograph Preface John R. Hurst If you care about respiratory health, then you have to care about reducing the harm associated with tobacco smoking and nicotine addiction. At one level, this might be feeling confident to deliver very brief advice about quitting to the next person you see in clinic, but it might also be about lobbying for tobacco control and implementing health-system changes. This isn’t just about health and disease this is about politics, and about economics, and the field is moving quickly what is the latest evidence around heated tobacco products, for example. The debate here is all too often polarised and we all require access to summaries of the best available evidence and that is where this latest edition of the ERS Monograph really excels. The Guest Editors Sofia Belo Ravara, Elif Dağli, Paraskevi Katsaounou, Keir E. Lewis and Charlotta Pisinger have done a great job steering this edition to completion during challenging times. Sincere thanks, on behalf of the Society, to all the chapter authors for their contributions and to the peer reviewers, whose comments have been carefully considered. Thanks also to the staff at the ERS Publications Office there would be no Monograph without their hard work and dedication. In whichever branch of respiratory medicine or science you work, or elsewhere, indeed as a human being and a citizen, there is a topic here that deserves to be of interest and importance to you. From epidemiology through to treatment for nicotine addiction, from tobacco control policy to reviews in specific disease areas, this is an excellent, comprehensive, state-of-the-art collection that deserves to be read widely. Disclosures: J.R. Hurst reports receiving grants, personal fees and non-financial support from pharmaceutical companies that make medicines to treat respiratory disease. This includes reimbursement for educational activities and advisory work, and support to attend meetings. Copyright ©ERS 2021. Print ISBN: 978-1-84984-127-6. Online ISBN: 978-1-84984-128-3. Print ISSN: 2312-508X. Online ISSN: 2312-5098. v
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