12. Falls and balance in patients with COPD 182 Samantha L. Harrison, Cristino C. Oliveira, Kirsti Loughran and Marla K. Beauchamp 13. Measuring and enhancing physical activity in patients with 195 chronic lung disease Marilyn L. Moy, Noriane A. Sievi and Atsuyoshi Kawagoshi 14. Health behaviour change 205 Leandro Cruz Mantoani and Roberto Benzo 15. What happens after pulmonary rehabilitation? 218 Carlos A. Camillo and Lissa M. Spencer 16. How to establish a programme 231 Alex J. van ‘t Hul and Sally L. Wootton 17. Quality assurance and control 246 Michael C. Steiner and Pat G. Camp 18. Access to services around the world 258 Linzy Houchen-Wolloff, Kerry A. Spitzer and Sarah Candy 19. Low-resource settings 273 Jennifer A. Alison, Joana Cruz and Elena Gimeno-Santos 20. Emerging models 294 Henrik Hanssen and Claire M. Nolan 21. What does the future hold? 311 Carolyn L. Rochester, Daniel Langer and Sally J. Singh Case 1 326 Heleen Demeyer and Thierry Troosters Case 2 332 Frits M.E. Franssen Case 3 338 Catherine L. Granger Case 4 342 Leona Dowman
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