Contents Preface v Guest Editors vii Introduction: Pulmonary rehabilitation strong foundations, ix new science and opportunities for innovation List of abbreviations xiv 1. The rationale for pulmonary rehabilitation 1 Chris Burtin and Karin Wadell 2. Patient experiences 11 Samantha L. Harrison, Pippa Powell and Aroub Lahham 3. Assessment 23 Andre Nyberg, Vanessa Probst and Anouk W. Vaes 4. Exercise prescription for people with stable COPD 53 Kylie Hill and Jana de Brandt 5. Alternative training strategies for patients with chronic respiratory 67 disease Rainer Gloeckl and Christian Osadnik 6. Occupational therapy, nutritional modulation and psychological support 83 Ingeborg Farver-Vestergaard, Gitte Johannesen and Lies ter Beek 7. Education and self-management 99 Anke Lenferink and Annemarie L. Lee 8. Multimorbidity 117 Renae J. McNamara and Marita T. Dale 9. Palliative care 132 Matthew Maddocks, Kathleen O. Lindell and Daisy J.A. Janssen 10. Special considerations in conditions other than COPD 145 Vinicius Cavalheri, Baruch Vainshelboim, Rachael A. Evans, Fabrício Farias da Fontoura and Annemarie L. Lee 11. Exacerbations of COPD 165 William D-C. Man and Arwel W. Jones ERS monograph Pulmonary Rehabilitation Number 93 September 2021
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