11. Effusions related to TB 172 Jane Alexandra Shaw, Liju Ahmed and Coenraad F.N. Koegelenberg 12. Pneumothorax: how to predict, prevent and cure 193 Robert J. Hallifax, Steven Walker and Stefan J. Marciniak 13. Nonspecific pleuritis 211 Christopher Kapp, Julius Janssen, Fabien Maldonado and Lonny Yarmus 14. Nonmalignant pleural effusions: are they as benign as we think? 218 Steven Walker and Samira Shojaee 15. Mesothelioma: is chemotherapy alone a thing of the past? 232 Anna C. Bibby, Kevin G. Blyth, Daniel H. Sterman and Arnaud Scherpereel 16. Novel technology: more than just indwelling pleural catheters 250 Rachel M. Mercer, Robert J. Hallifax and Nick A. Maskell 17. The role of surgery 263 Elizabeth Belcher and John G. Edwards 18. The specialist pleural service: when, why and who? 282 Vineeth George and Matthew Evison
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