The European Respiratory Monograph 14. Long-term managment, functional outcome and results 179 S.M. Studer, J.B. Orens, K. McNeil 15. Infectious complications after lung transplantation 193 W. van der Bij, R. Speich 16. Noninfectious complications 208 G. Mårtensson, J. Boe 17. Effects of transplantation on lung and exercise physiology 220 L.L. Schulman, M. Estenne 18. Paediatric lung transplantation 243 G.B. Mallory Jr 19. Living-donor lobar transplantation 257 M.E. Bowdish, M.L. Barr, V.A. Starnes 20. Economic evaluation and quality of life 269 E.M. TenVergert, H. Groen, K.M. Vermeulen 21. Future prospects 285 R.D. Davis Jr, K. Gandy Contents MON 26.qxd 11/08/2003 14:16 Page 2
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