Lu Chen: None declared. Davide Chiumello: None declared. Rebecca F. D’Cruz: None declared. Candelaria de Haro: None declared. Frans de Jongh: None declared. Gustavo Faissol Janot de Matos: None declared. Alexandre Demoule: reports personal fees from Medtronic, Baxter, Hamilton, Getinge and Respinor, grants, personal fees and non-financial support from Philips, grants and personal fees from Fisher & Paykel, and grants from the French Ministry of Health, outside the submitted work Heder J. de Vries: None declared. Martin Dres: M. Dres reports travel expenses and expertise fees from Lungpacer Medical Inc. José Aquino Esperanza: None declared. Antonio M. Esquinas: None declared. Ricardo Estêvão Gomes: None declared. Eddy Fan: reports personal fees from MC3 Cardiopulmonary and ALung Technologies, outside the submitted work. Bernard Fikkers: None declared. Christoph Fisser: None declared. Tim Frenzel: None declared. Inéz Frerichs: reports grants from the European Commission (projects: WELCOME (Grant No. 611223), CRADL (Grant No. 668259) and WELMO (Grant No. 825572)), personal fees from Dräger Medical (speaking fees and reimbursement of travel costs), outside the submitted work. Louis-Marie Galerneau: None declared. Marcelo Gama de Abreu: reports personal fees from AMBU Medical, grants and personal fees from GlaxoSmithKline, and grants and personal fees from GE Health- care, outside the submitted work.
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