(C)HF (congestive) heart failure (N)REM sleep (non-) rapid eye movement sleep AHI apnoea–hypopnoea index ASV adaptive servo venti lation BMI body mass index COPD chronic obstructive pulmonary disease CPAP continuous positive airway pressure CSA central sleep apnoea CSR Cheyne–Stokes respiration ECG electrocardiography EEG electroencephalography EMG electromyography ENT ear, nose and throat EOG electrooculography ESS Epworth Sleepiness Scale ICSD International Classification of Sleep Disorders MRI magnetic resonance imaging MSLT Multiple Sleep Latency Test MWT Maintenance of Wakefulness Test NIV noninvasive ventilation OHS obesity hypoventilation syndrome OSA(S) obstructive sleep apnoea (syndrome) OSLER test Oxford Sleep Resistance test PaCO2 arterial carbon dioxide tension PaO2 arterial oxygen tension PSG polysomnography PtcCO2 transcutaneous carbon dioxide tension SAHS sleep apnoea–hypopnoea syndrome SaO2 arterial oxygen saturation SDB sleep disordered breathing V’E minute ventilation List of abbreviations xiii
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