Contents Preface vii Guest Editors viii Introduction xi List of abbreviations xiv 1. Epidemiological aspects of cardiovascular and respiratory diseases 1 Joan B. Soriano and Roberto Elosua 2. Common pathophysiological pathways of the autonomic nervous system 12 Damien Viglino, Francois Maltais and Renaud Tamisier 3. Murine models of cardiovascular damage in lung diseases 31 Isaac Almendros, Isabel Blanco, Maribel Marquina, Victor Ivo Peinado, Silvia Barril, Ana Motos, Rosanel Amaro and Mireia Dalmases Cardiovascular implications of specific respiratory disorders 4. Cardiovascular disease in COPD 47 Paola Rogliani and Luigino Calzetta 5. Management of patients with asthma or COPD and cardiovascular 66 disease: risks versus benefits Josuel Ora, Francesco Cavalli and Mario Cazzola 6. Chronic asthma and the risk of cardiovascular disease 82 Franklin A. Argueta, Carlos L. Alviar, Jay I. Peters and Diego J. Maselli 7. Cardiovascular implications in bronchiectasis 96 Wei-jie Guan, Yong-hua Gao, David de la Rosa-Carrillo and Miguel Ángel Martínez-García 8. Cardiovascular complications of cystic fibrosis 108 Damian G. Downey and J. Stuart Elborn 9. Cardiovascular consequences of sleep disordered breathing: 118 the role of CPAP treatment Maria R. Bonsignore, Salvatore Gallina and Luciano F. Drager 10. The heart in obesity hypoventilation syndrome 143 Victor R. Ramírez Molina, Juan Fernando Masa, Francisco J. Gómez de Terreros Caro, Jaime Corral Peñafiel and Babak Mokhlesi ERS monograph Cardiovascular Complications of Respiratory Disorders Number 88 June 2020
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