Contents Preface v Guest Editors vii Introduction ix List of abbreviations xi 1. Severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 1 David S. Hui and Nelson Lee 2. Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus 21 Hasan M. Al-Dorzi, Maria D. Van Kerkhove, J.S. Malik Peiris and Yaseen M. Arabi 3. Interpandemic (seasonal) influenza 35 Sudhir Venkatesan, Rebecca J. Cox, Jonathan S. Nguyen-Van-Tam and Puja R. Myles 4. Avian influenza: H7N9, H5N1 and other novel strains 65 Hui Li and Bin Cao 5. Respiratory syncytial virus 84 Akhilesh Jha, Hannah Jarvis, Clementine Fraser and Peter J.M. Openshaw 6. Human rhinoviruses 110 Stephen Oo and Peter Le Souef ERS monograph SARS, MERS and other Viral Lung Infections Number 72 June 2016
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