Respiratory Epidemiology Edited by Isabella Annesi-Maesano, Bo Lundbäck and Giovanni Viegi ERS monograph Over the last decade, the volume of research into the pathophysiology and genetics of pulmonary diseases has increased greatly. This has led to the development of new treatments and therapies for many diseases, including lung cancer, asthma and cystic fibrosis. This issue of the ERS Monograph comprehensively demonstrates the developments in respiratory medicine in recent years. It outlines the importance of epidemiology in respiratory medicine, and will prove a methodological tool that will help disease management. It should also be used as an advocacy tool for the sake of public health. ERS monograph Print ISSN: 2312-508X Online ISSN: 2312-5098 Print ISBN: 978-1-84984-052-1 Online ISBN: 978-1-84984-053-8 September 2014 €55.00 Respiratory Epidemiology ERS monograph 65
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