New Developments in Mechanical Ventilation Edited by M. Ferrer and P. Pelosi E RESPIRAT EUR N U M B E R 5 5 / M A R C H 2 0 1 2 Mechanical ventilation is the life-support technique most frequently used in critically ill patients admitted to intensive care units. This Monograph is intended to update relevant as- pects and novel developments in mechanical ventilation that have occurred in recent years. The topics discussed include conventional and innovative ventilator modalities, adjuvant therapies, modes of extracorporeal respiratory support, and weaning from mechanical ventilation and noninvasive venti- lation. EUROPEAN RESPIRATORY monograph 9 781849 840217 ISBN 978-1-84984-021-7 Print ISSN 1025-448x Online ISSN 2075-6674 Print ISBN 978-1-84984-021-7 Online ISBN 978-1-84984-022-4 Number 55 March 2012 £45.00/€53.00 New Developments in Mechanical Ventilation 55 E R E S I A T E
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