Exhaled Biomarkers Edited by I. Horvath, J.C. de Jongste. EUROPE RESPIRATORY EUROPEAN RESPIRATORY N U M B E R 4 9 / S E P T E M B E R 2 0 1 0 Print ISSN 1025-448x Online ISSN 2075-6674 Print ISBN 978-1-84984-004-0 Online ISBN 978-1-84984-005-7 EUROPEAN RESPIRATORY EUROPEAN RESPIRATORY Exhaled air contains numerous substances, often in extremely low concentrations. The development of sensitive detection techniques has made it possible to examine the composition of exhaled air in relation to a variety of airway diseases and other disorders. In this monograph, an overview of current cutting-edge breath analysis techniques and their clinical applications is provided for the clinician. The various contributions give a fascinating perspective of a future where new, highly sensitive methodologies will enable clinicians to diagnose and monitor a wide variety of diseases merely by taking the patient’s breath. Exhaled Biomarkers 49 EUROPEAN RESPIATORY EUROPEANRESPIATORY
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