APPENDIX Members of the Task Force on Recognizing and Diagnosing Exercise-Related Asthma, Respiratory and Allergic Disorders in Sports S.D. Anderson Dept of Respiratory Medicine 11 West, Royal Prince Alfred Hospital Missenden Road, Camperdown, NSW 2050 Australia Tel: 02 95156120 Fax: 02 95158196 E-mail: L. Bjermer Dept of Respiratory Medicine and Allergology bld Ogon B University Hospital S-22185 Lund Sweden Tel: 46 46172325 Fax: 46 702126845 E-mail: S. Bonini Via Ugo de Carolis 59 IT-00136 Rome Italy Tel: 39 0635346840 Fax: 39 0635403017 E-mail: V. Brusasco Dipartimento di Medicina Interna Faculta di Medicina e Chirurgia Universita di Genova viale Benedetto xv, 6 16132 Genova Italy Tel: 39 0103537690 Fax: 39 0103537690 E-mail: K-H. Carlsen Voksentoppen BKL Rikshospitalet (National Hospital) University Clinic, University of Oslo Eur Respir Mon, 2005, 33, 105–107. Printed in UK - all rights reserved. Copyright ERS Journals Ltd 2005 European Respiratory Monograph ISSN 1025-448x. ISBN 1-904097-22-7. 105
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