10. Imaging 162 Christian B. Laursen, Helmut Prosch, Stefan M.W. Harders, Casper Falster, Jesper R. Davidsen and Ádám D. Tárnoki 11. Post-COVID-19 sequelae 180 Andrea Gramegna, Marco Mantero, Francesco Amati, Stefano Aliberti and Francesco Blasi 12. Post-COVID-19 rehabilitation 197 Sally Singh 13. Clinical trials during the pandemic: research design and lessons 214 Hani Abo-Leyah and James D. Chalmers 14. Economic, physical and social determinants of health during lockdown: 232 a call for renewed societal responses Leanna M.W. Lui, Yena Lee and Roger S. McIntyre 15. Vaccines: immunology regulation and clinical management 244 Anita K. Simonds and Rosemary J. Boynton
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