Cardiopulmonary vascular-focused 10. Pulmonary vascular causes of complex breathlessness: exercise 140 pulmonary hypertension, pulmonary veno-occlusive disease and pre-load failure Tobin Joseph, Luke Howard and Gulammehdi Haji 11. Cardiovascular causes of complex breathlessness 153 William J. Kerrigan, Theodore Murphy and Alexander R. Lyon Neural dysfunction 12. Complex breathlessness in postural tachycardia syndrome and 173 autonomic dysfunction Nicholas Gall and Charles Reilly Behavioural components 13. Complex breathlessness: assessment of treatment adherence and 186 treatable traits Rebecca F. McLoughlin and Vanessa M. McDonald Management 14. Challenges in the approach to the management of complex or 206 unexplained breathlessness James H. Hull 15. The management of chronic breathlessness 215 Rachael A. Evans, Anna Spathis, Enya Daynes and David C. Currow ERSM 97 contents.indd 6 01/08/2022 14:42
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