Community-Acquired Pneumonia Edited by James D. Chalmers, Mathias W. Pletz and Stefano Aliberti N U M B E R 6 3 /M A R C H 2 0 1 4 Community-acquired pneumonia remains the leading cause of hospitalisation for infectious disease in Europe, and a major cause of morbidity and mortality. This issue of the European Respiratory Monograph brings together leading experts in pulmonology, infectious diseases and critical care from around the world to present the most recent advances in the management of community-acquired pneumonia. It provides a comprehensive overview of the disease, including chapters on microbiology, pathophysiology, antibiotic therapy and prevention, along with hot topics such as viral pneumonias and pneumonia associated with inhaled corticosteroids. EUROPEAN RESPIRATORY monograph Print ISSN 1025-448x Online ISSN 2075-6674 Print ISBN 978-1-84984-048-4 Online ISBN 978-1-84984-049-1 Number 63 March 2014 €55.00 Community-Acquired Pneumonia 63
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