10. Antifungals in pulmonary infections: to whom, when and how? 159 Sebastian R. Ott 11. Long-term oral antibiotic treatment: why, what, when and to whom? 185 Eva Van Braeckel and Menno M. van der Eerden 12. Macrolide therapy for patients with pneumonia: a triple-edged sword 206 Yuichiro Shindo and Yoshinori Hasegawa 13. Treatment options for MDR- and XDR-TB 232 Kwok Chiu Chang and Giovanni Sotgiu 14. Perspectives on antibiotic treatment of NTM pulmonary disease 245 Nicolas Schönfeld 15. Antibiotics for pleural infections 253 Rahul Bhatnagar, Vasileios S. Skouras, Najib M. Rahman and Ioannis Psallidas 16. Antibiotics in interstitial lung diseases 264 Davide Biondini and Paolo Spagnolo 17. Insights into antibiotic use in children with CAP 276 Susanna Esposito, Mara Lelii, Rossana Tenconi and Maria Francesca Patria 18. New antibiotic development for pulmonary infections: New Drugs 289 for Bad Bugs and beyond Tomislav Kostyanev, Marc J.M. Bonten and Herman Goossens 19. Combination antibiotic therapy and synergy in HAP and VAP 302 Rodrigo Cavallazzi and Julio A. Ramirez
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