Acute Exacerbations of Pulmonary Diseases Edited by Pierre-Régis Burgel, Marco Contoli and José Luis López-Campos ERS monograph ERS monograph Print ISSN: 2312-508X Online ISSN: 2312-5098 Print ISBN: 978-1-84984-089-7 Online ISBN: 978-1-84984-090-3 September 2017 €60.00 The field of acute exacerbations in chronic respiratory disease is challenging: definitions of acute exacerbations differ amongst the diseases and their severity has proven difficult to define. The Guest Editors of this Monograph tackle this challenging area by bringing together articles from internationally recognised experts in the field of acute exacerbations in chronic lung diseases. The book is separated into three sections: the first considers the definition, severity and consequences of exacerbations in each disease the second looks at exacerbation triggers and the third discusses the treatment and prevention of exacerbations using pharmacological and non-pharmacological interventions. The book’s structure allows comparisons between the definitions, short- and long-term consequences, triggers and therapeutic management of different respiratory diseases. It serves as a complete reference that raises awareness about the importance of acute exacerbations in patients with chronic lung diseases. 9 781849 840897 Acute Exacerbations of Pulmonary Diseases ERS monograph 77
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