Robert Bals
The use and prescription of antibiotics is an area of discussion,
insecurities, a multitude of guidelines, a number of novel drugs
and one of the most frequent medical interventions. The clinical
spectrum of patients with infections of the respiratory tract is
wide, and covers disease entities such as viral infections
presenting as a common cold, “standard” CAP and pneumogenic
sepsis with multiresistant microorganisms. While respiratory
infections are among the most frequent diseases in pulmonary
medicine, a number of problem areas are obvious: 1) there is
often a lack of evidence-based approaches to therapy; 2) the role
of novel antibiotics is not well defined; 3) the number of resistant
microorganisms is increasing for a variety of reasons, from false
application in patients to misuse in animal husbandry; and 4) the
inadequate use of anti-infectives can cause significant harm.
With this ERS Monograph, we provide the reader with a broad
and detailed overview on anti-infective drugs in pulmonary care.
Several chapters focus on the pharmacology and clinical use of
specific antibiotics or antifungals. Other chapters go into more
detail on specific disease entities, such as asthma, COPD, pleural
infections, TB and CAP. In addition, the book discusses current
topics that cover subjects of broad importance, including
resistance mechanisms, inhaled application of antibiotics,
antibiotic stewardship, long-term treatment and novel drug
The Guest Editors, Stefano Aliberti, James D. Chalmers and
Mathias W. Pletz, have worked very successfully to select these
topics and to integrate these aspects into this ERS Monograph
that summarises our current knowledge. I thank the Guest
Editors and all of the authors for their excellent work. Together,
they have produced a practice-guideline publication that
comprises information on the scientific background and the
application at the patient’s bedside. I am sure that this
comprehensive overview will be useful for the clinical practice of
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